Elon Musk Backs Vivek Ramaswamy, A Republican Presidential Candidate Who Is Pro-Crypto


Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has endorsed Vivek Ramaswamy, the youngest contender in the Republican primary for president.

Musk said Ramaswamy showed promise as a contender after seeing a clip of his interview on Tucker Carlson’s Tucker on Twitter programme.

He is a really promising contender,” the billionaire added. 

Ramaswamy, well-known for his forthright assessments of digital finance and cryptocurrencies, has been a vocal proponent of improving the crypto ecosystem in the United States. 

His acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) donations was also revealed during the Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami.

Ramaswamy revealed a QR code during the event that linked participants to a donation hub that accepted many payment methods. 

In an unconventional move, he offered donors who gave the maximum of $6,600 a special non-transferable token.

Like Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Ramaswamy has decided to accept Bitcoin donations. Kennedy was the first major U.S. presidential candidate to do so. 

Ramaswamy’s reputation among crypto enthusiasts is encouraging, but he still confronts obstacles in his political career. 

He is now being sued twice by ex-employees of Strive Asset Management, which he co-founded. 

During their time at the company, the workers say they were pressured into acting illegally in the securities industry.

Despite these setbacks, Ramaswamy’s burgeoning popularity has placed him close to Florida’s Bitcoin-friendly Governor Ron DeSantis, also a Republican. 


Crypto-friendly US presidential candidates are flooding the field.

By accepting Bitcoin payments, Ramaswamy follows in the footsteps of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was the first major U.S. presidential candidate to do so. 

Among the many presidential hopefuls, Ron DeSantis stands out for his positive stance on cryptocurrency. 

On May 24, he tweeted his intention to run for president and promised to “protect” Bitcoin if elected. DeSantis has promised that if he is elected president, he would ensure that people may continue using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. 


He said, “there’s risks involved with it,” but noted that bitcoin backers “are sophisticated” and “can make decisions.”

Pre-announcement polls showed that the Florida governor was Trump’s closest rival.

Similarly, Kennedy has been a strong advocate for Bitcoin ever since the Miami conference.

In a tweet from June, he said that cryptocurrency may pave the road towards more open and democratic political structures.

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