After 20 years, what’s the deal with Shadow Fight?



‘s publisher, Nekki, just reported that the game had been downloaded more than a billion times.

The Cyprus-based firm also provided information about their newest offering, Shades. The game is based in the Shadow Fight world and is scheduled for release in late 2023. It follows the events of Shadow Fight 2 but occurs before the events of Shadow Fight 3. The game creates fresh narratives and incorporates fan-favorite characters in order to relay the story in an original fashion.

The corporation has been looking at its back catalogue while it works on its future game in an effort to draw in more customers. With an emphasis on action and strategy games, Nekki has created a name for itself in the mobile gaming market over the last decade.

Celebrating 20 years in business, the firm is expanding on its previous mobile combat game Shadow Fight and parkour game Vector.

The company brags that 95% of their 1 billion installations are organic, which is very high even for mid-tier titles. Shadow Fight 2 had 420 million, and it was still growing at a rate of over 100,000 per day, while ShadowFight 3 had 210 million. Meanwhile, Shadowfight 4: Arena has over 50 million installs and is constantly growing in popularity.

Vector is Nekki’s second most downloaded series, with over 330 million copies sold. The new game is the first significant upgrade in ten years, and it boasts updated visuals, new gameplay modes, and enhanced overall quality for users.

Spine is a new PC and console game that anyone may join. The Unreal Engine 5 powers the game’s cinematic visuals, earning the game the moniker “movie action game.” is the name of an ongoing web3 project.


Nekki’s creator, Dmitry Terekhin, has said that the company has always aimed to create games that push the envelope in terms of platform, genre, and gameplay innovation. Because of this strategy, they have seen explosive expansion.

With the hope of bringing even more exciting breakthroughs to gamers in the years to come, Nekki has also worked to develop Cascadeur, the software responsible for the company’s excellent 3D real-life character animation.

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