Remnant 2 will include downloadable material and playable classes.


Gunfire Games’ recent launch of Remnant 2 has been a smashing financial success for the company, far surpassing pre-launch projections for developer income. As a result, game director David Adams was happy to participate in an Ask Me Anything session hosted by the development team, where he fielded questions from fans and spilled the beans on the studio’s intentions for the game’s future.

Gunfire Games has said that they would continue to support Remnant 2 for as long as it makes financial sense, and the game’s director, Adams, has provided players with some further background on what to expect from the game in the future. Fans of the series will be pleased to learn that a number of requested additions to the game are on the way.

David Adams, the director of the upcoming Remnant 2 game, recently had an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit. There are a lot of humorous questions and answers, but there is also a lot of useful information. Adams has revealed that Gunfire is thinking about a feature that would allow players to transform one set of armour into another, and although this is something that many players want, it is not currently a top priority. Gunfire wants players to be able to swiftly and easily transition between different character builds, hence development on storage features is now more vital. Although there is no set date for the system’s release, cross-play is also being studied.

Adams is also keen to clarify that future DLCs would include additional Archetype character classes, thus it’s possible that players will be able to unlock even more tough hidden classes like the Archotype Archon, who is well-known for their presence in Remnant 2. Adams also emphasised that Gunfire has no intention of creating a “phone it in” DLC, which is code for saying that players shouldn’t expect the DLCs to have the same level of commitment and quality as the core game.


There are three significant downloadable content packs (DLC) in the works for Gunfire Games’ games, ensuring their continued existence and notoriety for some time to come. Adams has promised further updates for Remnant 2 to fix the game’s performance difficulties and make substantial balance modifications to some of the content.

Being a hard Soulslike shooter with plenty of content and more interesting things to come, Remnant 2 is poised to retain a sizable player base for the foreseeable future. In addition, comments from Gunfire Games indicate that the developer has ambitious ambitions for the future of the franchise.

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