Futureverse Raise $54M to Further Integrate AI and the Metaverse


Aiming to revolutionise the metaverse using AI, technology firm Futureverse has secured $54 million in investment. 

Futureverse will use the funds from the round, which was led by 10T Holdings and included contributions from Ripple, to create proprietary AI content generating tools for use in the future metaverse. These tools will improve the quality of music, objects, characters, and animations.

Using the Root Network and a set of protocols, Futureverse and Ripple collaborate to create cutting-edge metaverse apps, games, and experiences. 

XRP may be used as a gas token thanks to the connection with Ripple’s XRPL, which is compliant with the XLS-20 NFT standard.

Futureverse, supported by influential companies like 10T and Ripple, seeks to make the metaverse a reality that anybody may experience. 

Futureverse will use the money they raised recently to advance its complete technology, with a particular emphasis on improving the Futureverse Platform and the other cutting-edge resources it offers.

Futureverse also hopes to become the industry standard when it comes to artificial intelligence in video games. They have recently teamed up with FIFA to offer the artificial intelligence (AI) powered consumer game AI League, and they have teamed up with Muhammad Ali Enterprises to release the artificial intelligence (AI) driven boxing game “Muhammad Ali – The Next Legends.”

Building the Future of the Metaverse from the Ground Up

Aaron McDonald, an early adopter of the metaverse, Shara Senderoff, an investor and operator, Marco Brondani, an information security specialist, and Dan Gillespie, an entrepreneur, form the core of Futureverse, which aspires to become a dominant force in the metaverse market. 

Their main goal is to build a system that allows users and programmers to interact with metaverse data and programmes that were previously unavailable.

McDonald and Senderoff are enthusiastic about the metaverse and how it might revolutionise human participation and cooperation in a variety of fields. 

The metaverse might drastically alter how people work together in a wide range of fields. According to Futureverse co-founders McDonald and Senderoff, “open, scalable, and interoperable infrastructure is necessary for the metaverse to realise its full potential.” 

Their determination to make the metaverse a real, live, and playable place is bolstered by the backing of companies like 10T and Ripple.

Futureverse has been able to grow and diversify thanks to smart alliances with well-known companies such as Cool Cats, FIFA, and Mastercard. 

In this episode A successful investment round is a sign of progress for any business. Meanwhile, Dan Tapiero, CEO of 10T, praises Futureverse’s immersive and vertically integrated metaverse platform for its inclusion of AI technologies, infrastructure development, creative studios, and digital communities.


Strategic Acquisitions Allow Futureverse to Grow in the Metaverse

In 2022, Futureverse made a major move by purchasing 11 firms working on metaverse infrastructure and content. 

Futureverse’s acquisition strategy is intended to strengthen the company’s standing in the metaverse industry and its capacity to provide key components for a wide range of metaverse applications. 

Futureverse’s goal is to create a thriving metaverse community fueled by digital collectibles, and it plans to do so by combining the firms it has bought into a single ecosystem.

Futureverse has a worldwide team of over 250 people who are all committed to building innovative metaverse infrastructure, tools, and immersive experiences. 

A few examples of these businesses include Altered State Machine, Non-Fungible Labs, Sylo, Centrapay, Centrapass, Immersve, Shadows Interactive, Altered Phoenix, ATEM Car Club, Centrality, and DRx. 

AI protocol development, creative and engineering studios, decentralised communications, digital asset payments, decentralised identification, game development, augmented fashion, and more are all areas of expertise brought to the table by the many participants.

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