Here’s How Much the Founder of Dogecoin Made After Elon Musk Disclosed His Ad Revenue


Here’s How Much the Founder of Dogecoin Made After Elon Musk Disclosed His Ad Revenue

The first installment of compensation promised by Twitter owner Elon Musk to the platform’s content providers has been made. It has been reported that $5 million has already been paid out to creators as part of the ad incentives distribution.

Earnings of Dogecoin’s creator are highlighted.

Dogecoin founder Billy Markus, who is quite active on the network, made the list of top earners, demonstrating that the Dogecoin brand is very popular and well-liked among Redditors.

With 2.1 million followers, the Dogecoin creator earned $37,050, making him the second biggest earner in the first round of payouts. In comparison to the Internet Hall of Fame’s $107,247 in revenues from over 1.9 million followers, Markus’s earnings are paltry.

Other creators with more followers earn far less, therefore it’s clear that the amount provided to creators is not proportional to the total number of followers. The Dogecoin community is to credit for Billy Markus’s success, since the interaction on his postings is quite high.

The Impact of Elon Musk

The originator of Dogecoin may have benefited from his seeming close friendship with Elon Musk, which increased his profile and popularity. The digital money based on Shiba Inus is of interest to both guys.

U.Today has reported on many times that Musk and the creator of Dogecoin interact with one other’s work, which has helped the crypto pioneer’s overall profile.

Many were hopeful that Elon Musk’s leadership when he acquired Twitter the previous year would deliver positive news to innovators in the digital currency ecosystem. The reward is modest in comparison to Markus’s imagined social circle, but it serves as a solid foundation upon which to build.

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