Mecharashi – Limited Open Beta Testing of Robot-themed SRPG Game


Mecharashi is BlackJack Studio’s robot-themed strategic role-playing game.

BlackJack Studio’s Mecharashi is a thrilling strategic role-playing game with a focus on massive robot fights. Mecharashi is a new project for the company that blends the members’ love of robot battles with some interesting gameplay ideas.


Mecharashi is a game about a trip through fierce conflicts and power struggles set in a near future when incredible scientific and technological developments have enabled the construction of gigantic robots a reality. In the middle of these conflicts, an unknown group going by the name “Tan” emerges as a major adversary by arranging hostile strikes against global leaders. Take control of mercenaries from “Cheetah Logistics” and set out on a global mission as you try to figure out the mystery behind the shadowy group’s existence.

From barren deserts to fortified strongholds, BlackJack Studio gives gamers a wide variety of settings to explore. The game includes a wide range of environments and climatic conditions, increasing the depth and difficulty of battles. Mecharashi’s stunning visuals, and especially the enormous robots used in battle, are the game’s defining characteristic. Each component of these massive machines is a monument to modern engineering. Players may tailor their robots to their preferred playstyle by selecting from a broad variety of heads, arms, legs, and weapons.


Mecharashi is an SRPG, hence it has the standard mechanics for the genre. Intense conflicts and risky missions need careful planning, the construction of robot squads, and the improvement of combat skills. Players must be adaptable and flexible in order to take use of the “action points” system and the independent durability of different armor components, which give them the option to launch all-out assaults, disable certain adversary sections, or deliver decisive strikes.

BlackJack Studio’s inclusion of distinctive fighting mechanisms to Mecharashi goes beyond the genre’s traditional categorization of warriors according to their traits, strengths, and qualities.


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