The Unexpected Financial and Download Success of Undawn


Undawn, encent’s open-world survival game, had a disappointing launch in terms of sales and downloads. Despite the game’s favorable reception, the first two weeks after its worldwide release saw just $2.4 million in sales and 7.5 million downloads. The game developers were taken aback by these findings since they had hoped for stronger numbers.


The developers at Level Infinit put a lot of effort into crafting a post-apocalyptic setting in their game Undawn, which has stunning 3D visuals. It helps that the environments and personalities have been developed with such care. Players may have a better grasp of the game’s subject and setting thanks to the inclusion of riveting cinematic segments.

Although though Undawn’s downloads skyrocketed at first, reaching over 700,000 per day, the game ultimately failed to meet the expectations of its creators. The sales graph also revealed a precipitous drop after the first few days of the game’s release. Concerns regarding the game’s success have been raised in light of these numbers.

The gap between expected and actual success has sparked questions about the game’s future. Undawn’s reception and possible success are still up in the air because of the crypto, blockchain, and Gamefi components. It’s possible that Level Infinit has to reevaluate their methods and make more adjustments to advance the game.


Undawn’s long-term success is impossible to predict at this point. A deeper analysis of the game’s reception will provide light on its long-term viability. For the time being,

Level Infinit must keep working to hasten the game’s expansion and triumph over its existing difficulties.

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