Officially launching the Zenonia Chronobreak MMORPG, the successor to a great brand


Developed and published by Com2uS Holdings Corporation, Zenonia Chronobreak is the sequel to the acclaimed Zenonia role-playing game series by publisher GAMEVIL. Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny was released a decade ago, so fans are hoping the new Zenonia Chronobreak will bring back the glory days of the Zenonia series.

Zenonia Chronobreak is the eighth Zenonia game, although its story incorporates elements from all seven of its prequels, offering fans and newcomers alike a complete picture of the Zenonia universe. The ability to go back and forth in time is an intriguing feature included by the developers, since it offers players agency over the narrative by allowing them to alter the course of events.


Zenonia Chonobreak stands apart from other multiplayer games in a number of ways, the most notable being its full transition to 3D with the help of the latest Unreal Engine 4. The famous Zenonia series will be preserved while the characters are updated in the modern anime style, allowing players to explore a wider and more stunning universe.

Players that go to Zenonia Chronobreak may expect to engage in high-level fights in addition to the action role-playing gameplay that has come to define the series. Players may tailor their adventure experience by selecting from a variety of quests and in-game pursuits.


Although Zenonia Chronobreak has a variety of player versus player (pvp) activities, the developer team focused on creating the hunting boss mode and the battle bang mode. In this, players may team up with hundreds of other players in the boss hunting mode to take on the game’s incredible monsters. For the maximum glory for its assembly, the war-state leadership would stage battles with hundreds of troops facing off against one another.

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